Middle School Ball Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child have to attend St. Thomas to participate in the middle school ball academy?
Yes, to participate in the academy, students will need to enroll at St. Thomas. The middle school ball academy is a program offered within Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools.
We are new to Catholic Schools, what differences will my child notice?
● We expect all students to participate in the Faith life of our school - morning prayer, Religious Studies class, in school Masses and celebrations.
● Our Catholic faith is permeated into everything that we do on a daily basis at STA.

How many hours per week does an academy student spend training?
● Sport specific training will take place two times per week.
● Middle school students will be taught and assessed by the St.Joseph's Ball Academy staff.
● Students will participate in the Ball Academy as a year long course.
● Depending on enrollment numbers, students may participate in the academy during either their physical education or option classes.

What facility do the students access for their training?
Students will access the St. Joseph High School Field House which will include the use of all ball specific equipment (drop down batting cages, pitching machines, fitness equipment etc.)

How will students get to St. Joseph's?
● Students will be picked up at STA and transported, by school bus, to the Academy by Ball
Academy staff.
● Students will be transported to St.Joseph High School over the lunch hour to maximize the instructional time that they will experience.

What is the cost of the program?
● Academy Cost is $850.00 / year
- $200 deposit
- $325 due September 1
- $325 due October 1
- *If your child lives outside of our school catchment area, an additional $300 busing fee may apply.
*This bussing fee is subject to change as per RDCRS Guidelines.*

How do I enroll?
● Please fill out the middle school ball academy registration form that can be found here.
● Academy placement will be guaranteed when you receive written communication from the school that your child has been accepted into the program.