Elementary Transitions to Middle School

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If you are an elementary parent or student exploring our website…WELCOME!

We are always excited to start the elementary to middle school transition process. Teachers begin preparing our Grade 5 students early on for this transition. Little by little they introduce more independence and responsibility and even have students practice using combination locks and keeping all their belongings in their lockers.

From the Middle School, we start discussing students and placements in April of each year. 

May will be a busy month of excitement and inevitably some nerves. The process for the students will begin in early May where counsellors from Middle Schools visit each elementary school. At those counsellor visits a lot of information will be shared with your children and usually any worries that exist are calmed with that first visit. Just to make sure everyone is comfortable and prepared, approximately a week after the counsellor visits, students will spend the morning at their designated Middle School exploring, participating in fun activities and meeting new friends. There will also be a Parent Information Night where everyone is welcome to come and check out our school at the end of the month. All dates will be confirmed through letters and emails from your school.

If you have questions, concerns or would like to spend some extra time at the school prior to arrival in September, tours and visits can be arranged through the counsellors or the ILT team by contacting the front office.