School Counsellors

What are school counselors and how can they help?

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School counselors exist to support all students and their academic, social, emotional, and career needs. Counselors work to help students improve their academic skills through assistance with time management, organization, and study skills. We promote social-emotional growth through facilitating the development of healthy peer relationships and coping strategies. School counselors are here to support every student -- we are different than therapists because we do not provide long-term mental health counseling for students. Instead, we work to ensure that every student in school has access to our services as needed, and we can provide referrals and resources to families when a student is in need of more intensive mental health counseling. We will help address the academic, social-emotional, and career needs of our students through classroom lessons, social groups, skill based small groups, and short term individual counseling. If you have any questions about the St. Thomas Aquinas Middle school counseling program or would be interested in counseling services for your student, please feel free to reach out at any time.